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Decoding tensile properties in the material data sheets of TPU
July 22 , 2022

Material data sheets showed material properties and can gain an in-depth understanding of the material during the material selection process.

The same properties data will come out with different result by different test method , so it is important to test by the same standards when compare the properties of different material. TPU material tensile properties data is tested by ASTM standards. How to parse the data sheet to select suitable plastic material for your products or applications.

Tensile properties

Tensile properties is the most common mechanical properties which indicate How much a material can stretch before irreparable deformation. TPU tensile properties is usually tested by 3 properties data.

Tensile elongation: Tensile elongation is the percentage increase in length when at break.

100% Modulus of elasticity and 300% Modulus of elasticity: It is the force applied in every unit cross-sectional area when 100% and 300% percentage increase in length.

Tensile strength: Tensile strength is the force applied in every unit cross-sectional area when at break.

Tear strength: Tear strength indicate how strong or stiff a material is. Tear strength is the force applied in every unit thickness when at break.

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