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Weak demand for TPU plastic in the market and TPU price keep going down
August 05 , 2022

From January 2022 to July 2022, the TPU price showed a trend of rising first and then reduce. This is due to the fact that the price of TPU raw materials has a great impact on the TPU price. After the new year, TPU price go up with the price of the raw material. But procurement of the TPU demand side obviously decrease. It is difficult to recover in the short term.

In July, the price of TPU ended the rebound of June and greatly reduce. Some downstream factory shutdown and the production of most downstream factory dropped to about 35% because of demand-side orders sharply follow up. The obviously reduction of the demand side and the price of raw materials continued to decline make the TPU price keeping reduce in all the July Month.

TPU production is based on sales and the TPU demand of 2022 has decreased compared to 2021. Shoe factory said that the overall order of this year reduced as the result of the orders been diverted to Vietnam and India. At the same time, Vietnam has become a major exporter of domestic TPU after shoe factories invest in Vietnam. The epidemic and the conflict between Russia and Ukraine has made the shipping costs and timeliness of shipments to Europe and the United States confused. There is no favorable support in the market, and the TPU price is moving downward.

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